We set digital marketing & sales systems on autopilot for ambitious, high-achieving service providers

And ready to transition from the time for money trap that is holding you hostage? Get off the hamster wheel that keeps service providers stuck with a consistent and predictable system that helps generate a steady flow of leads for your business and turns them into customers and raving fans.




Working along side many service providers, I have witnessed the same frustrations over and over.

  • Overwhelmed with the technology, programs and apps used to run their business (Website, funnels, calendar apps, sales and CRM program, proposal app, newsletter autoresponder, bookkeeping software, ... just to name a few)
  • Frustrated when their systems don't integrate together the way they want - they just want to be able to stay in their own lane and do their "real" work
  • Stuck because they are so busy doing work for clients that they neglect their marketing efforts so the supply of leads dries up. By the time they're ready for a new client, they have to start their process from scratch again.

But here's the thing. You can turn this around - we've helped other businesses do it and we want you to have the same success too!

We specialize in helping established service providers transition from job owners to business owners via automated marketing & sales funnels.


From strategic marketing planning to expert execution, we can help you each step of the way.


And we specialize in doing this on the KARTRA platform - our tool of choice for marketing and sales funnels, email marketing, automation, segmentation and membership sites & courses.

Funnel Mapping Intensive

Looking for a bite-sized investment to get you going, regain momentum and get some real traction with newfound clarity?


Leverage the power of an intensive funnel mapping session to get clarity fast. These sessions are 100% customized to YOUR business, YOUR goals, and YOUR needs.


We start with an audit of your marketing assets, review your customer journey and then craft the "perfect funnel" for you.

Funnel Maven HQ Accelerator

Our signature coaching and funnel implementation program that walks service providers through the process of setting their core funnel - a hybrid experience that has some coaching, consulting, done with you and done for you elements.


You get clear on your customer journey, and exactly what you need to have in place to seamlessly attract qualified leads and convert them into customers.


Your Key to FM Headquarters

Get exclusive access to FM Headquarters (you know, where our A-Player Members hang out). Get your funnel and related tech questions answered so you can stop spinning your wheels and get traction instead.


We are YOUR resource and available to our clients as needed. This is your pass to "pick our brains", ask a question, get feedback, have us walk you through something, or co-create on a call together.


Members' monthly bonuses are chalk full of things that will save you time and money. We're not about more CONTENT, rather about getting results fast.

Continual Improvement

Have a "leaky funnel"? Want to improve conversion rates? Or simply want to make sure you're getting the best possible ROI on your digital real estate?


Join our high-level CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION program where you'll get access to our team to conduct ongoing split tests, monitor performance, provide insightful analytics reporting and make improvements to your funnel, so you can make sound decisions based on actual results.


This could mean the difference between a funnel that generates $10 k / month or one that generates 10x that amount. But you never know until you start looking at the data.

Interested in learning more about FUNNEL MAVEN HEADQUARTERS?



Download your free funnel template so you can see how simple it can be to scale your service based business using a marketing and sales funnel that does the heavy lifting for you.

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