Service Providers - ready to put your marketing and sales system on autopilot?

  • Craft a robust SYSTEM to streamline your marketing and sales process and cut down on manual tasks and administration

  • Leverage the expertise of an expert and enjoy the support from working through the process with an intimate group of ambitious, creative, caring entrepreneurs

  • Walk away with your sales engine built (done for you, by us), tested and ready to take on traffic so you can boost your bottom line

In This 8-Week Live Group Program, you will ...

  • Map out your value ladder

    We'll get clarity around your offers and how leads become customers and customers become repeat buyers and raving fans

  • Design your core funnel

    Using guides, templates, frameworks and best practices, combined with your in-depth understanding of your target market, we'll craft your perfect funnel that will function as the cornerstone of your marketing and sales system

  • Build it out (done for you)

    We take care of the heavy lifting by building out your funnel for you. Say goodbye to tech stress and headaches because we will take your value ladder and funnel map and actually build it all out for you.

With Your Host and Trainer - Alison Beierlein, Systems and Operations Consultant

Alison loved her role at a medium sized business in southern Germany, but she took a leap of faith moving back to Canada with her husband to live a quiet life on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia.


Since then, Alison has worked in many small businesses and was instrumental in moving one struggling company from 7-figures in annual revenue to a more profitable multi-8 figure, thriving business.


After becoming a mom, Alison wanted a more active role as "mum" instead of only seeing her kids for a couple hours each night after work.


By 2018 Alison left her job and took her side business full time, helping entrepreneurs transition from "job owners" to "business owners" on their own terms.

Service Providers - ready to put your marketing and sales system on autopilot?

What happens when get fully booked out as a service provider?


One of my friends, another freelancer turned business owner, recently told me:


"I had 10-12 clients but all paying $500-1000/mo and I was working around the clock to fulfill everything."


Sound familiar?


And he was so busy fulfilling all of the services, that he didn't have any time for his own business. Sales and marketing activities came to a screeching halt.


It's what happens when you gain some momentum in your client service business - a natural progression.


You're spending all your time helping your clients get ahead and make big bucks in their businesses, but you're stuck in this 6-figure quicksand.


The more you work, the more you sink and it makes it harder and harder to turn things around.


I've been in the same place in my business.


The good news is, you CAN fix it. You're actually in an AMAZING position to really excel to the next level.


All you need is the right systems to start taking over some of the heavy lifting in your business so you can free up your time again.


In the Funnel Maven Accelerator, we guide you through the process of crafting your perfect systems, and then we go ahead an build it out for you.

Got questions? We've got FAQ's coming soon! In the meanwhile, reach out via Facebook Messenger and we'll be in touch.

How It Works

  • #1 You Apply For One Of The Seats In The Program

  • #2 We Review Your Application To See If Your Business Is A Good Candidate

  • #3 We Schedule A Short Call To Get To Know Each Other & See If We Want To Work Together

  • #4 We Send You The Registration Link & You'll Get All The Details


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